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Everybody knows that the city which never sleeps has a higher level of rent per sq.ft in the world. But where exactly you will overpay? Let's figure out.

According to’s latest report, they found that ten most expensive streets for renting were all found in Manhattan, particularly in Tribeca and SoHo

A contributing factor to Fifth Avenue’s score, according to StreetEasy, is that the street’s most expensive building, located at 212 Fifth Avenue, has a median rent of $26,500 per month.

The rest of StreetEasy’s list is completely dominated by streets found in Tribeca and SoHo. At the second and third spots on the list are SoHo’s Greenwich Street and Tribeca’s Laight Street, each securing a score of 9.81. Following close behind at number four is Tribeca’s Hudson Street with a score of 9.79.

Filling in the middle of the list is SoHo’s Greene Street, Mercer Street and Tribeca’s Warren Street, taking the fifth, sixth and seventh spots, respectively, on StreetEasy’s list. They each earned a rent score of 9.77.

Two of Tribeca’s streets, Washington Street and Lispenard Street, took the eighth and ninth spots on the list, each earning a score of 9.72. Rounding out the bottom of the list is SoHo’s Crosby Street, which produced a 9.71 rental score.

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